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Official Tumblr Musicals proudly presents its new production of HAIRSPRAY!
The Official Tumblr Musicals is an amazing opportunity to meet new talented tumblr users, sing your favorite songs, and practice your singing/acting skills, all while putting on an amazing show!
Basically…you audition, I cast, you sing, I put it together, you listen! :)
Auditions are currently OPEN and can be found HERE! I will NOT cut anyone, I’m all for everyone participating! :)
It would mean the world to me to be able to put this together! I hope you guys are interested!
Please REBLOG so your followers can see this, I want as many people to audition as possible so we can have a huge exciting cast with tons of new people to meet!







it’s the 8th month

I cracked the code

October is the 10th month though

It was originally the 8th month but then Julius fucking Caesar decided to add in July and August after himself and his nephew Augustus

we should totally just stab caesar

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